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Chief Academic Officer, Alliance Education Services, Inc.

Jennifer Lucas, M.Ed

Jennifer Lucas is the Chief Academic Officer for Alliance Education Services, Inc. AES is a nonprofit Charter
Support Organization designed to support charter schools in all aspects of operations from start-up and
development, through ongoing operations, renewals, accreditations, financing and risk management. In addition
to supporting charter schools in Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and South Carolina, Jennifer is currently
serving as Vice Chair of the North Carolina Association for Public Charters ACTION (PAC). Jennifer formerly
served as the Co-Chair of the Board, NC Association for Public Charter Schools and was a lead member of the
Durham Charter Collaborative Organization. Jennifer served as a master trainer for multiple Ready to Open and
Leadership workshops for newly approved charter schools in NC. Additionally, Jennifer serves as a team
member for Cognia, formerly Advanc-Ed , for School Accreditation and has guided numerous schools through
the accreditation and continuous improvement model to help increase academic achievement and stabilize
charter and private school operations.

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