Our Expertise

AES Team, in collaboration with the Governing Board and School Leadership Team:
  • Implement school board policies in conjunction with School Leadership Team
  • Support revision of all school operation policies and procedures in line with best practice
  • Assist with development and implementation of school improvement plan
  • Draft school budgets for review and approval by Governing Board
  • Provide recommendations on budget updates based on actual revenues and expenditures
  • Provide direct support and oversight of facility development and construction
  • Provide board updates as requested that encapsulate work completed and ongoing by AES
  • Work with School Leadership Team to submit all applications for federal allotment grants
  • Provide compliance and oversight for all grants and audit reviews
  • Submit competitive grants as they become available
  • Support hiring and evaluation process of School Leader when needed
  • Facilitate School Leadership Team professional development
  • Support School Leadership Team with timely submission of all required reporting items
  • Disaggregate student performance data and develop academic improvement targets and strategies
  • Support the Schoolwide MTSS process
  • Support the development of a yearly School Improvement Plan that includes academics, finance, parent involvement, student and staff attrition and compliance
  • Support School Leadership and the Board on any parent or staff grievances that become escalated to the Board’s review
  • Provide capital and facility maintenance planning
  • Provide expertise on Crisis and Emergency Response Plans
  • Provide support and expertise on lottery, database and registration management
  • Provide oversight of external marketing, enrollment and outreach plan
  • Provide targeted professional development to Governing Board
  • Provide other targeted, professional support for charter school operation as requested by board and agreed to by AES
Governing Board:
  • Vision/Mission of the school
  • Board Policies & Approve Revisions
  • Approve Yearly Budget Material Revisions
  • Hire and Evaluate School Leader Performance
  • Delegate day to day oversight of the school to Principal and Charter Operation Support Consultants
  • Approves monthly financial reports generated through LINQ
  • Strategic School Improvement Planning 
  • Evaluate Vendor and Support Contracts
  • Approve long term contracts above $10,000
  • Address unresolved grievances
  • Review school progress related to Charter Agreement and other academic and school goals
School Leader:
  • Interview, recommend for hire and evaluate or otherwise facilitate such for the remaining school staff.
  • Serve as Instructional and Operational Leader of the school
  • Implement the Master Schedule compliant with State statutes developed to maximize student achievement
  • Preside over the learning outcomes for all enrolled students
  • Responsible for Staff and Student Safety, including implementation of the Staff and Student Handbooks
  • Development of Monthly board school operation reports
  • Development and implementation of School Calendar, Events and Extracurriculars
  • Parent and Community relations and communication 
  • Academic Assessments 
  • Implementation of the School Improvement Plan
  • Instructional Leadership
    • Support all teachers in best practices, data interpretations and student grouping,
      curricular alignment to standards by content area and grade level
    • Support EC, ELL and Gifted (AIG) students, prepare and present professional
      development, oversee tutoring camps, serve in teacher interview committees.  
    • Provide and facilitate all professional development
  • Student Services
    • Oversee all student discipline, campus safety and behavior
    • Coordination of parent conferences
    • Ongoing professional support for all employees
    • Development and implementation of MTSS


Contracted Vendors: Those additional, 3rd party Vendors that provide other support to the school and are directly supervised by the School Leader.  Examples include but are not limited to: Financial Accounting, Payroll, Custodial, Marketing, HR., etc.