Mountain Island Charter School opens for learning after wet summer

Mt. Holly, NC (WBTV) – Mountain Island Charter School was officially open for learning Wednesday.

Thanks to an unusually wet summer, the school got a little bit of a late start this year.

Workers spent the summer trying to complete phase one of construction at the school’s new location, but Mother Nature kept getting in the way.

“Every time it rained, it just added a little bit of a delay, whether it was painting or building,” said Justin Matthews, Chief Operations Officer.

Linda Bratcher is the Head of Schools at Mountain Island Charter School.

She told WBTV that school leaders made the decision to push their start day back two weeks.

The school will make up that time by shortening their holiday schedule this year.

“What we are doing is shortening some of the holidays that we would traditionally take. For example, Thanksgiving was a week last year. This year it is three days long,” Bratcher said.

Despite the persistent summer rain, workers were able to move all the classroom trailers into place and finish construction on the new administration building.

Work is currently underway on the district’s gymnasium.

Over the next six years, the school will work to finish the next two phases, which include permanent classroom buildings.

More than 900 kids attend Mountain Island Charter School.

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